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The ONLINE DEADLINE for scheduling class will be Thursday night prior to the start of class.

If you are unable to submit your application online, please visit our office before 3 pm on Friday prior to the start of class.

You are required to complete the application and payment process before you will be scheduled.

All training classes are subject to date and time change including weekends without notice!

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D & S Training Center Testimonials

D & S Training Center Testimonials


up"I attended in April 2016.
I was working in a facility. Now I'm doing home health for med1care.
Yes I'm still using what i have been taught.
I chose D&S because i heard his things about them.
I received wonderful training through D&S." down

Ashley Detwiler


up"I currently work at Versailles Health Care Center, where I have been an STNA since
September 2016. In December 2016, I graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor
of Arts in Biology. In January 2017, I will pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing while
attending Wright State University.  I plan to continue my part-time position during the
remainder of my undergraduate career.

I chose D&S Training Center based on a recommendation from a friend when I got in a
pinch and needed to complete the training ASAP.

The training was completed in just two short weeks, yet I felt well-prepared to take the
state test and confidant in my abilities to provide quality care to my residents. My instructor's
passion for the field was palpable and she truly cared for each of her student's success both
within and beyond the classroom.

To current and future students - take your training seriously but keep in mind that laughter
is always the best medicine, so relax a bit and enjoy the learning process. Also, practice, practice,
practice your skills -- the more confidant you become, the better you will perform during state

testing and in your new job as a STNA."  down

Elizabeth Osterloh


up"I attended D&S Training Center in February/ March of 2016 and graduated mid March 2016.
I currently work at the Hilty Home of Pandora as an STNA.
I've been working a lot since then so I can put myself through nursing school, I start classes in
February 2017. While talking those classes I will be able to still work as a nurses aid.

D&S was referred to me by a friend who enjoyed the environment and teaching of the center.
My instructor was very willing to help me when I was confused, she pushed me to practice the
skills, and helped me study for the test. The girls that were in the class also were a joy to be
around and everyone helped each other out. Most importantly the classes prepared me, they
gave me confidence in knowing how to do my job.

Stick with it! The hours are long, it gets exhausting, and the book work makes you want to pull
out your hair. But trust me its worth it, I've never been so proud of my self for putting in the
time and work. My job has gave me a love for the older generation and a good work ethic future
employers will appreciate." down

Alyssa Snider


up"I am a second time around state tested nursing assistant. Several years had lapsed so I had to
start the process over. I attended DS training center in October of 2015 and passed my state test
November of the same year. I worked in a long term care facility part time immediately after
graduation for about 4 months, before switching to a locked down psych/behavior unit where
Ive been ever since.  Now i am PRN and still very much enjoying what i do. I also did home health
for about 6 months during that time. I chose this training center because of the positive feedback
I received from others. I definitely was not disappointed. The material was spot on, everyone I
ever dealt with was pleasant and helpful, and the skills lab helped me refresh all the important
critical details that i had forgotten from many years ago. My instructor absolutely kicked butt
and made us feel like we were there with a purpose. She did not judge us or make us feel inferior.
My experience was life changing! (Shout out to Jill Weiland!) I would tell the present and
future students to just breathe. Its going to be fine... You are in good hands! And do not
give up! You CAN do it!" down."  down

Nicole Blankenship



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