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dinning assist

Dining Assistants are paid to provide feeding assistance to residents in Ohio. Long Term care facilities (LTCF's). Training consists of: Feeding techniques; Assistance with feeding and hydration, including the use of assistive devices; Communication and interpersonal skills; Appropriate responses to resident behavior; Safety and emergency procedures, including the Abdominal Thrust; Infection Control; Residents' rights; Recognizing changes in residents that are consistent with their normal behavior and the importance of reporting those changes to the supervisory nurse; Special diets; Documentation of type and amount of food intake; and Meal observation and actual feeding assistance to a resident.

Upon completion of the training, DA's are able to:

1. Form a relationship, communicate and interact competently on a one-to-one basis with long term care facility residents;

2. Demonstrate sensitivity to the residents' physical, emotional, social and mental health needs through trained, directed interactions;

3. Assist residents in attaining and maintaining functional independence;

$. Exhibit behavior in support and promotion of residents' rights.

This 2-day, 10-hour RN taught class includes 9 classroom hours and 1 clinical hour completed at the LTCF clinical site.

D & S Training Center will bring this class to your LTCF (Min. of 8 students)

Trainees completing the program receive a certificate with the Ohio Department of Health seal on it and can utilize the certificate in any LTCF who utilizes Dining Assistants throughout the State of Ohio. This certificate is also a excellent addition to the trainee's resume.

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Dining Assistant Training Class Schedule


To be announced.

Please make sure that you are registering for the correct class section. Please note the time of the class that you register for.

Min number of 6 students must be met to hold class. If the training class you are signed up for does not meet the min number required you will be placed into the other training class.

All students will receive confirmation via U.S. post office.

All training classes are subject to change date and time including weekends without notice.

If you are scheduled into a training class that you are unable to attend please give Jill Hovest our Admissions and Curriculum Coordinator as soon as possible to make arrangements to schedule you into the correct section at 419-422-3858.

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